Mobile Communication Solutions

Short Message Services (SMS)

  • One-off, Bulk, Scheduled, and Two-way SMS Messaging.
  • Simply register and start sending now.
  • Contact us to White lable this portal, or
  • For Enterprise SMS Gateway or SMSC Relay, or
  • For Integration via Services, file, email, and more.

Access to the features above can be done as a shared service, deployed in your environment, or we can host for you. Enterprise hardening of these solutions has taken place over the past 16 years, our solutions are as mature as the very technologies.


Expansion packs are available to include Active Directory/LDAP, HLR (Home Location Register) Lookup, Extensive Reporting Facillities, Data Warehousing Facillities, a Microsoft .NET Programming SDK, Enhanced Security and Encryption, and more.

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Short-Codes (31099)

  • Profit Share on Premium-Rated Codes
  • Key-word Intelligence
  • Run Competitions or Subscriptions
  • Forward SMS messages as email, file, or
  • Web Services, RESTFul Services, and more.
  • Use lower-cost shared code, or get exclusivity.
  • Bespoke exclusive feature development for competitive advantage.

Additionally the entire Campaign Platform can be licensed, or used as a Service. Built with the revolutionary MobiSys H.P.D.M (.NET) Platform, nearly infinite feature expansion is possible. Contact us today.

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Multi-Media Messaging (MMS)

  • Managed MMS Campaigns (pay per Message by volume), or
  • License MMS Gateway Servers & Desktop Client, or
  • Use as a Service, or
  • Get MMS Campaign Consultation, or
  • Simply rent MMS Reception & Fowarding.

Contact us today for a very competitive quote. Whether you require small or very large volume transmissions, we can assist. Our MMS Gateway has integration facilities for Web Services, PDF to MMS, and more.

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USSD Services

  • USSD Push & Pull
  • Rich applications: Banking, Surveys, Menu's, etc.
  • Please-call-me advertising and fowarding.
  • Service integration with Business Systems.
  • License Gateway for own use, or
  • Use our hosted offerings.

Our USSD Gateways support multiple integration options, both towards the Network Operators, and the business system end. Rich USSD applications can be created in our USSD MVC Engine, also built on our revolutionary MobiSys H.P.D.M (.NET) Platform.

Contact us now for the best deal!

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Hosted GSM Modems

  • Dual SIM Managed Modems
  • USSD Automation, Please-call-me reception, and more.
  • Get exclusive Number or use shared offering.
  • Message fowarding as Email, File, Web Service Call, etc.

Hosted modem services give an organisation the ability to have a virtual cellphone. The most popular use of these services, by far, is the “Please-call-me” entry points.

Modems can be bought or leased from CellSys and are then hosted in our various 24/7 supported hosting environments.

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