Financial Inclusion Please check out our customer facing Mobile Community Commercialisation platform at or by dialling *130*3223#. This solution can be branded to your liking at a very reasonable price, and already has lots of great content to include in your portfolio of virtual products (Prepaid Data, Airtime, Electricity, and more coming). Accounting, virtual content, Multiple interfaces (App, Web, WAP, USSD), and well forged upstream integration with Retailers, Banks, Service Providers, and content Providers - enables this solution to deliver value fast! Direct Carrier M-Billing Direct Carrier M-Billing is a way for an organisation to offer its client the “put it on my cellphone bill” option. This is done either via one of the premium-rated channels for SMS, MMS, or USSD by having the subscriber send a keyword to a designated number. Or by making use of the Mobile Billing Systems as provided by the Operators in South Africa. Subscription services are common examples of the usage of these services, whereby the subscriber, having agreed to the subscription in some format, is then periodically charged to their cellphone account. M-Payments M-Payments is a new way of paying for products and services using a mobile device. M-Payments rely on a collaborative effort between the financial service, telecommunications, and other infrastructural partners. This solution allows the subscriber to conveniently pay for products and services from one of their existing credit or debit accounts, and secures this payment using a revolutionary push application to authenticate the purchase through the mobile device.